Pool, pool deck and Herbal Steam Sauna

The Pool, pool deck and Herbal steam sauna is shared with the owner and located in the next unit. You have direct access to this area from the deck above the carport in your unit.

Pool and pool deck

The pool and deck features nice sea views and is connected to your unit via the deck outside the Grey bedroom on top of the car park.


  • 4,5 x 2,0 meter salt water pool
  • Swimjet that enables you to swim unlimited length
  • Sea views from the pool
  • Pool deck 20m2 next to the pool
  • Direct access from your unit via the deck outside the Grey bedroom
  • 24 hour access

Herbal Steam Sauna

The steam sauna is located inside the owners unit and is accessable from 8am to 8pm. It takes approx 30 mins to get it warm, so notify the staff when you want to use it, and we will make sure it is ready for you.


  • 3m2 herbal steam sauna for 4 persons
  • Sea and pool view from the sauna

Sauna relax area

The area in front of the Steam Sauna is also shared area and available same hours as the sauna.


  • 20m2 relax area
  • Sofa and sofa table
  • Automatic massage chair

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