Sawan Sa Guidebook

Getting around

There are thousands of taxis in Phuket and not very good public transport. Most taxis and tuk tuks do not have a meter and you agree on a fixed price before the ride. Within Patong there is a flat fee of 200 THB per trip no matter the distance. At night time drivers often want 300 THB.

  • Taxis (and tuk tuks) can be hailed on the main streets OR ordered via GRAB or BOLT apps. You can order taxis from the house using the apps, or you can walk down to the main street (200m) and hail a cab from there.
  • Motorbike taxis are much cheaper than taxi cars or tuk tuks, but take only 1 or 2 passengers. Due to traffic jams, they are much faster than taxis, but also more dangerous as they will wave through the traffic. Within Patong you should expect to pay 100-200 THB per trip.
  • Minibus transfer to/from airport 1.000 THB per way.
  • Minibus rental with driver (max 10 pax): 1.500 THB for half day and 3.000 THB for full day.
  • Car rental: We gladly assist you with car rental. Price depends on season and duration. Expect 2.000-3.000 THB/day for a Toyota Vios or similar. A fortuner (7 pax) is more expensive than renting a minibus with driver.
  • Motorbike rental: We do not recommend this as it is VERY dangerous in Thailand. Also, if you do not have an international drivers license for motorbikes you will get stopped and fined, and no insurance will cover any damage. If you, despite these warnings still want to rent, expect to pay 300-500 THB/day for a small motorbike.
  • Private speed boat rental. Full day including captain and drinking water. Price depends on boat size and season. Expect 15.000 – 30.000 THB for the day.

Recommendations & Daytrips

  • Our best recommendations pinned on a Google Map with restaurants, activities, attractions, shopping, nightlife, gyms, beaches etc. We recommend you bookmark this!
  • Phuket self-drive round-trip A self-paced 1/2 to 1/1 day tour of Phuket (free: you just need your own transport)
    The stops at Three monkeys, Rawai Beach and Kan Eng Pier are thought as food/drink breaks.
  • Phi Phi Islands and Maya Bay: SawanSa daytrip with large private speedboat (max 20 pax). A full day trip to the SOUTH of Phuket. Great views many stops possible. Price approx 25.000 Thai Baht.
    If this is outside your budget, you can instead buy individual seats in a “standard” speedboat tour for approx 2.500 baht/person.
  • Phang Nga Bay and James Bond Island: SawanSa daytrip with small private speedboat (max 8 pax). A full day trip to the NORTH of Phuket. Great beaches and views await. Price approx 15.000 Thai Baht.

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