General information about Phuket & Thailand

Thailand is a relatively big country and formed almost like an elephant head. Phuket is located 700 km south of Bangkok and 400 km north of the Malaysia border.

Check-in procedure

Normal check-in is from 3pm onwards. At check-in we will give you a short introduction to the house. Full video tour can be found on Sawan Sa youtube channel.

We will also give you 2 keycards per room. For longer rentals We can also issue e-keys to be used with TTLock app (unlock with bluetooth).

By law we need to register any foreign guest in our property, so we need to get your original passports for this. We will return them shortly after.

Depending on availability we can offer early check-in (from 6 am) for 2.000 THB extra.

Note that in Thailand you normally dont wear footwear inside houses, so we kindly ask you to leave your shoes in front of the main door.

Check-out procedure

Normal check-out is before 11 am. When you check out you can just leave the key cards in the rooms and leave the house at your convenience.

We offer luggage storage if needed, and can – depending on availability – also offer late checkout (until 6pm) for 2.000 THB extra.

FAQ and general information

AdapterEach bedroom have two chargers and cables that fit micro usb, usb-c and apple.
The lounge area and all bedrooms have lots of USB outlets and also universal wall sockets.
Adult EntertainmentSee separate page Nightlife
Agogo clubsPatong have dozens of Agogo clubs. All are behind closed doors and typically have exotic dancers for entertainment. Prices slightly higher than beer bars. See separate page Nightlife
AirconAll aricons are new and inverter type. The house have a ceiling aircon in the lounge area and wall-mounted aircons in each bedroom.
The electric for the aircon in the bedrooms requires that your keycard is insert into the keycard slot on the wall just inside the door.

When the aircon is turned on, the display will show the temperature.
When you turn off the aircon, the display will turn off but the aircon will keep running for approx 30 seconds. The aircon is doing a self-cleaning in the period.

If the display disturb you when sleeping, you can
– turn it off by pressing DIMMER on the remote.
– turn it back on with DIMMER again.
AlcoholAnyone over the age of 18 can purchase alcohol in supermarkets, restaurants, bars and discos.
However for shops (takeaway) it is only legal to sell alcohol from 10am – 2pm and from 5pm – 10pm.

We have a small stock of beer and wine you can purchase at fair prices – see separate pricelist in your unit.
Bars / beer barsPatong have hundreds if not thousands of beer bars. A beer bar is typically fully open and outdoor. See separate page Nightlife
Beach clubsPhuket has a dozen nice beach clubs. We have pinned the best on our proprietary google map.
Patong has Kudo beach club close to the Police Box on the beach road.
15 min drive you have Paradise Beach Club (daytime) at Paradise beach OR Cafe Del Mar at Kamala beach also a 15 min drive from the house.
BedlinnenWe will change the bedlinnen 2x per week or if you put the sign “CHANGE BEDLINNEN” on the bed.
For short stays we will only change the bedlinnen if you ask us.
CleaningWe will do a thorough cleaning of the house before every rental. This includes disinfecting switches, door handles, faucets and remotes.
Every day there will be cleaning, see Maid Service below for details.
ClubsPatong have a number of night clubs, most are located in Bangla Road. See separate page Nightlife
CookingThe house have a fully equipped western kitchen with induction hob, Hood, electric owen, microwave, large fridge and dish washer. You are welcome to cook yourself. If you do, please use the HOOD while cooking to keep smell to a minimum.

Our staff Sao is a trained and experienced chef and for a fee, she can cook for you. Price starts at 250 THB per meal per person.
Ask for more details if interested.
CoffeeCoffee and tea are free and refilled daily during your stay. The fully automatic espresso machine in the kitchen can make 10 different kinds of coffe, and we will refill beans as needed. Upon check-in we have put a bottle of milk in the fridge.

Your electric kettle in each room (and the kitchen) can be used to make instant coffee.
CurrencyThai Baht (THB). 1 USD approx. 35 THB
Country code+66
Day tripsThere is a selection of brochures for day trips in the lounge. There are agents selling tours on almost every street corner – and we can also assist you in booking. We have a few recommended day trips here
DiscosPatong have a handful of big discoteques, including Illuzion that is one of the top clubs/discos in the world
Almost all are all located in Bangla Road. See separate page Nightlife
DoctorMany pharmacies also have doctor services. We recommend the Sai Nam Yen International Clinic which is 10 min walk from the house – they also do outcall.
We have marked pharmacies, clinics and hospitals on our custom google map
Drinking waterWater from tap is not safe to drink. We provide bottled drinking water and have a tap in the Kitchen with drinking water.
DrivingThailand drives on the left side (like UK). Thai or International license needed for car or motorcycle.
You must wear helmet on a motorbike and seatbelts in a car.

70 people are killed in traffic every day in Thailand. Most are motorcycle accidents.

We strongly suggest that you DO NOT RENT A MOTORBIKE. If you want your own transport, renting a car is a much safer option.
Echo smart SpeakerThe lounge and every bedroom is equipped with an Amazon Echo smart speaker. The smart speaker is voice controlled (in English).
To activate the speaker you must say the wake word, which is ECHO.
When you say this word, the speaker will listen for a command. Below are examples of commands
Electric220V 50Hz. Do not plug in any appliance that is rated 110V only. All appliances showing 100-220V can be used.

Phuket experiences powerouts regulary. Most of the time they last a few seconds or minutes, but sometimes they last hours. When there is a powerout all electric to the house is cut, and internet, aircons, hot water for shower, toilets, fridges, oven, hob, TVs etc. will not work.

If this is the case, then battery powered emergency lights turn on. They will turn off automatically when power is back.

If some parts of the house have electric, but others dont, then follow this procedure to fix yourself:
Each room have their own electric distribution box (located over the entry door) and the lounge/kitchen have two (located over the door opening to the bathroom near the kitchen. In this distribution box you will find from left to right:

1. Leftmost a RCBO (that switch off in case electric leaks are detected) with RED switch. This is ON when the handle is UP. You can try to flip down, then up

2. next an electronic surge-protector with a display. If the RCBO works, then there will be digits shown in the display – but it might still be off. The on/off
button is leftmost at the bottom. When you turn it on, you should see a change in the digits in the display. There is normally 30 seconds delay before power is back on.

3. followed by a number of automatic breakers (white/grey handles). They are ON if they are UP. If the RCBO is on and the Surge protector is on, then you can try to flip these down/up to make sure they are on. If one or more are down, there has been a short for that circuit. If you try to turn on and they instantly trip, then there is still a short.

Sometimes the power failures or sudden spikes will trip the RCBO or the surgeprotector to off. All you need to do, is turn it either back on.

If this doesnt work, then dont hesitate to CALL US no matter what time (nothing can ruin a good night sleep as no aircon/fan) on +66 81 956 9232 or CALL via WhatsApp on same number. If this doesnt work, then wake up the maid in the maid room behind the kitchen, and ask her to get me to come.

Note: The house has an electric entry point and central distribution to each room that also have breakers, so one of those could have been tripped. If so, you have zero change of fixing yourself (step 1-2 doesnt work) as you cannot get to it. Call us.
EmbassyPlease see the list of foreign Consulates in Phuket and Foreign Embassies in Thailand.
EntertainmentPhuket and Patong has a vibrant night life with 1000+ restaurants, 500+ bars, 20+ discos/nightclubs. See separate page Nightlife

In the house all TVs have Netflix, Youtube and IPTV with hundreds of live TV channels and 1000s movies on demand.
The TV in the lounge also have PrimeVideo and Disney+
EmergencyIn case of emergency, please see Emergency Contacts. In Thailand the universal phone number for emergency services is 191.
ExchangeThere are many currency exchange booths on the street. All the banks also offer currency exchange
ExtrasThere are no hidden costs. Electric, water, drinking water, cleaning, amenities, use of washing machine, dishwasher etc. are already included in the price.

However, we do offer extra services like:
– Transport, ex.: Airport transfer, car rental, minibus with driver
– Private speedboat boat trips
– Cooking food in your unit: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
– Laundry and ironing (our maid does this for you)
– Beverages like softdrinks, beer and wine
Fire extinguisherIn case of a fire in the house, there is a fire extinguisher located in the small storage space on the staircase between 2nd and 3rd floor of the house.
In case of fire
First Aid KitThere is a fully stocked first aid box in the stand-alone cuppboard in the Kitchen
Food deliverysee Takeaway food
Gentlemen clubsSee Agogo
GuestsGuests in the house is generally allowed. See Overnight guests are allowed
HairdryerEach bathroom have a hairdryer
HospitalsAs a foreigner you need to pay for hospital services. If you have insurance we highly recommend using the private international hospitals like Bangkok Hospital or Siriroj International Hospital.
Patong do have a public hospital near the police station in the center of town.
We have marked the hospitals on our custom google map
House rulesSee House rules page
IceIce cubes are normally made from drinking water and is safe to consume. We have an ice maker and will provide all the ice you need for free. The maid will refill the ice buckets in your freezer on a daily basis (and if you ask us for ice)
ImmigrationBy law we must register all guests with the immigration office. For that we need your original passport at check-in
InternetAlso see Wifi. The house have cabled cat6 gigiabit internet connections in each room.
To connect your device to cabled internet, connect one end of the cable to a RJ45 port loacted above the work table.
DO NOT “shortcircut” by connecting one cable to the two ports as this will stop internet connectivity.

All TVs are connected to the internet via cable. So if internet doesnt work, TVs wont work.

You can get mobile internet by getting a Thai SIM card for your phone. You can buy and top-up SIM cards at most convenience shops like 7/11 or Tops Daily.
HagglingMost shops have fixed prices for their goods. Some vendors are opportunistic and want to exploit tourists. You should therefore haggle for the following:
– Taxis without meter and not ordered in an app. Even if they show you a printed pricelist be aware this is MAXIMUM prices allowed.
– Souvenir shops and shops that do not show the price. They will often ask 50-100% more than they expect to get
– Markets
– Tourist activities like Elephant riding, ATV, snake shows, monkey shows etc.
JetSkiJetski rental is widely available in Patong but beware. Jetskis are wellknown for scamming customers to pay large amounts for damage to the Jetski when returned.

IF you want to rent a Jetski we therefore advice you to take full pictures of the Jetski BEFORE you use it as documentation for the condition when you got it. There are many examples of people having to pay 20.000-50.000 THB for damage to the JetSki.

IF you go to Khai Islands (typically a stop on a speedboat trip to Phi Phi islands) you can rent cheaper than at Patong beach, and there are almost no stories of rip-offs or scams from there.
KitchenThe house have a fully equipped full kitchen:
– induction hob with 4 burners
– separate 1-burner hob for making fondue or hotpot away from the stove
– electric 60L hot air oven
– Hood
– Microvawe oven
– Dishwasher
– big fridge with freezer
– Rice cooker
– electric kettle
– mixer
– blender
– Automatic espresso machine that grinds beans and make 10 different kind of coffee, including espresso, americano, latte and cappucino

And all the pots, pans, knives, cutting boards, cutlery, plates, glasses, cups etc you will need for 6 people.
LaundryThere is a washing machine and dryer in your rental unit and it can be used 24/7 to wash your own clothes. We provide washing powder.
The maid will take care of Towels, beach towels and bedlinnen at no charge.

We can also offer laundry service:
– Use the laundry baskets in your bathroom.
– We will take the laundry during maid service and return to you washed and ironed late afternoon the following day.
– Price is 25 THB per small item (socks, underwear) and 50 THB per larger item (pants, shirt) and 100 THB per full dress
MassageThailand is famous for massage and spa services. You will find a massage parlor on more or less every street corner – and even the beach – and the massage therapists (the massage girls) will normally be sitting outside to attract customers. A foot massage, thai massage or oil massage is around 300 baht per hour.

There are som high-end spas that offer a more luxurious experience but at a much higher price point.
Maid ServiceThe maid will go to your house every day, unless you specifically ask us not to. We will strive to do the cleaning while you are out, so we dont disturb you. There is a button you press when you leave the house, that turns on a green bulb and will inform us you are out.
The maid will always knock or ring the bell before entering the house. Maid working hours are 8 am – 5pm.

Before check-in we will have done a deep clean of the house and changed all bedlinnen, towels and bathropes.

Every day we will
– clean bathrooms and toilets
– make your bed
– refresh towels (on the floor)
– change bedlinnen (if the “change” sign is on the bed)
– refresh drinking water, coffee and tea
– quick cleaning of the lounge and kitchen
– empty wastebins
– refill ice in the freezer

Every 2nd day we will do a “normal” clean the house.

If you do not want the maid to enter a specific room, use the DO NOT DISTURB button near the door or give us specific instructions.
MedicineAlso See Pharmacy. In Thailand you can purchase most medicine without a prescription from a doctor. We have pinned a few on our recommendation map.
Just down the hill there is a pharmacy. BigC Mini and Tops also have some over-the-counter medicine.
Official LanguageThai. In Phuket English is widely spoken.
Opening hours for shopsTypical opening hours are:
– Shopping malls and pharmacies 10.00 – 22.00
– Restaurants: 10.00 – 22.00
– Minimarts: 24/7
– Banks: 10.00-16.00 (unless if in shopping mall, then same as shopping mall)
ParkingUnless specifically agreed with the host, there is no onsite parking at the house.
Sometimes you can find a space on the road in front of the house, but you cannot block another house driveway or entrance.
In general it is difficult to park a car in Patong due to hundreds of tuk tuks and taxis taking up almost all the space.

Parking is possible for a fee in Jungceylon shopping mall, at Sansabai road near Bangla Boxing stadium, Central Shopping mall and Banana Walk on the beach road.
PharmacyPatong have many pharmacies (almost on every street corner). Most also have vitamins and other food supplements.
Well known pharmacy/beautyshop brands are Watson and Boots. We have marked some pharmacies on our custom google map

In Thailand you can purchase most medicine without a prescription from a doctor. Notable exceptions are morphine based products and viagra.

Most pharmacies carry the international brands and also cheaper local copies with more or less same indication (function).
Raining day ActivitiesWe have therefore collected activities you can do even when it is raining. See the list at Rainy Day Activities
SandWe prefer to not get sand into the house. Outside the entry there are
– a small foot bath, where you can clean your feet if you have been to the beach.
– a basket for beach towels
ShoesIn Thailand it is normal to take your shoes off before you enter a house.
We suggest you do the same when staying in Sawan Sa as it keep the house clean and enjoyable. Also see sand.
Takeaway foodGRAB and FoodPanda delivers food directly to you. Delivery is cheap. See separate sheet for QR code to download app.
TaxisTaxis are either
taximeter (red/yellow),
tuk tuk (red),
private cars with green license plates or
Minibuses with yellow license plates.

Prices are similar for all above. Inside Patong the price should be around 200 THB. Negotiate price before the trip.

GRAB and BOLT are good online apps for booking taxis – or you can hail a taxi at FamilyMart at the bottom of the hill.
TeaTea is free of charge during your stay. We have tea in the kitchen, and there is an electric kettle in the kitchen and each bedroom.
TippingTipping is optional in Thailand and normally only used in restaurants and massage shops and for our maid 😉
A good tip is 10% of a restaurant bill, or 100 THB for a massage.

Some restaurants charge 10% service charge, and then tips are already included.
TimezoneGMT+7. Thailand do not observe daylight savings time,
Phuket has approximately 12 hours of light per day. It gets dark around 7 pm.
TowelsOn a daily basis the maid will replace any towels put on the floor. To help the environment we urge you to reuse your towels.
Each room have two beach towels. Please reuse them. If they are filled with sand, please put them in the basked in front of the house to prevent sand inside the house and we will give you fresh towels.

Please do NOT bring the bathroom towels to the beach.
TVThe lounge and each bedroom have a smart TV that have IPTV (Internet TV). See videos on Sawan Sa youtube channel for how to use the IPTV.
The 75″ TV in the lounge is slightly different in user interface than the other TVs. To get it to work, press the center button and choose either IPTV, Youtube, or Amazon Prime in the menu that shows.

None of the TVs have antenna connected, so they only work if the Internet works.
Youtube on your TV is logged in as SawanSa, so going to VIDEOS in the menu will bring you to the instruction videos for the house.
WeatherPhuket has tropical climate. The temperature is around 28 degree celcious in the daytime and above 25 in the night time all year, but feels warmer in the rainy season due to higher humidity. The water temperature is around 25 degrees all year. See monthly averages

November to March is normally dry. April – October is the rainy season. Rainfall is heavy, but often only a few hours per day – typically early evening and night. July, September and October have more than 15 rainy days. September is by far the most wet with 400mm rainfall and 20 rainy days.

Inspiration to rainy day activities? See Rain activities
WifiThe whole house have gigabit wifi. Look for network Sawansa5G or Sawansa. Password is wifiwifi.
Each room have their own router to connect the room to the internet. This gives very good coverage. The router will show 2 blue lights when correctly connected to the internet.
We have programmed the lights to automatically turn off between 19.00 and 09.00 in order to not disturb your sleep.
If you have any issues with the wifi, please contact us, and we will fix as quickly as possible.
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