Overnight guests are allowed

We understand if you find new friends while you stay here and you are allowed to invite other people to visit or stay with you while renting our villa.

Be aware, that you will be responsible for their actions, including any damage, theft or extra cleaning costs.

If the total number of persons in the house overnight is more than 6, we will charge 2.000 baht per extra person per night.

Unfortunately there are examples of tourists who lose all their valuables by inviting the wrong person to their home/room.

For the same reason, many hotels do not allow guests. Hotels that do allow guests will normally keep the guest ID in the reception and call your room to check that everything is ok before giving it back when the guest leaves.

To avoid problems we strongly suggest that you:

  • take a photo of their ID before letting them into the house
  • send that photo to us for safe keeping (if you lose you phone)
    Short time friends are used to this, and it should be no problem

Note: We have CCTV cameras at the entry of the house and in the pool area.

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