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Patong has a vibrant nightlife scene and there are thousands of girls to entertain customers. Most local girls in bars, discos, nighclubs and agogos are interested in entertaining you for a fee. Both at the establishment (you pay them tips or drinks) and outside the establishment if you wish (for cash).

Prostitution is not legal in Thailand, but the law is not enforced (unless the girl report you to the Police).

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Beware of ladyboys

Ladyboys are men that intentionally look like girls. Some have had a full gender change operation, some have only got a boob job. They can be very beautiful and look like a woman. Like those in the picture here.

The tell-tale signs of a ladyboy is a large adams apple, deep voice and big hands and feet. And their behaviour. Ladyboys will often flaunt their breasts in public or be very scantily clad out on the open street.

You will rarely meet a ladyboy in beer bars and agogos (unless ALL girls there are ladyboys) – but they do exist…

How can I put this: You should check the merchandise before you buy.

Beer bars and Agogos: Bar girls

For beer bars and agogos the girls are employed to lure customers in and buy drinks. Their job is to entertain you and make you happy while visiting the establishment. They get a salary and a commission based on the revenue they generate. So they are typically thirsthy 😉

When you enter the establishment and are escorted to a seat, you will often find a handful of girls who want to sit with you (with the intention of getting you to buy them drinks).

It is perfectly ok to politely decline such offers (thank you, no thank you. I just arrived and want to take a look around) and either take your time to look around and see if there is someone else you would rather have sit with you – or if you prefer to sit without girls.

If you sit alone, a new batch of girls will approach you from time to time.

If you see someone you would like to come sit with you, you can wave them over and/or buy them a drink (talk to the waiters). If the girl is dancing, she would normally have to finish her “roation” on the dance floor and would come to you after.

Any girl sitting with you will expect you to buy them drinks and most will also be very verbal about it. Remember, this is how they make a living.

A normal “scam” is that if you have a girl sitting with you, she will invite other girls (“my sisters”, which is just co-workers) to join also. This can be fun… and expensive, as you would be buying drinks for them too. Again you can politely say no. You can also say no to buying drinks, but this will normally lead to the girl(s) leaving you to try their luck elsewhere.

Many of the girls in these establishments will also go out with customers. You can simply ask “do you sometime go with customers?” – if she does, she will tell you.

The Takeaway section below explains the next step.

Discos and nightclubs: Freelancers

For discos and nightclubs the girls that are employed will normally NOT go with you. However there will be many freelancer girls in these establishments. They typically sit in groups.

To lure customers in the owners often invite and sponsor drinks for local girls. The girls are there to have a good time and, more often than not, to find company for the night.

In these establishments, contrary to beer bars and agogo clubs, you normally have to take the initiative to talk to the girls (but they will be very friendly if you do) and it kind of works like in any disco back home: ask if you can sit, offer a drink, offer a dance, chat.

Later you can move on and ask if she want to go with you. If she agrees you can ask if she is working right now. If she is, it means she wants to get paid, and you should negotiate the price.

Massage parlours

The girls in the massage parlours can be open for takeaway like girls in the other establishments. All you have to do is ask if they sometime go with customers and how that works for her.

Street: Freelancers

Some girls are working as freelancers on the street. In general I would not recommend takeaway with them. There is a reason they work off the streets instead of a bar/club. Also, if she steals something from you, you might never find her again.


Taking the girl out of the establishment have a few components:

  • Bar fine
  • Duration
  • Location and
  • Fee for her.

Bar fine

In order to go with you before the establishment closes, you must compensate the owner for lost income. This is called the bar fine. The fine depends on the establishment, the time of night and the girl. In agogos the fine is much higher (2000-4000 baht) than in beer bars (600-2000 baht). You pay this to the bar when you agree with the girl to go with you.

Note: There is normally no bar fine for freelancers – especially if you meet them in discos or nightclubs.

Do not pay a bar fine before you have agreed on the below items also.

Duration: Short time and Long time

Short time is “wham-bam-thank-you-mam” whereas long time is all night. Some girls are interested in giving you a multiday girlfriend experience and want to be with you for the rest of your stay here.


No matter if short time or long time, you would go to a private room. Some establishments have short time rooms on location and there are also some short time hotels in Bangla Road (the girl knows them).

It could also be your accomodation. If it is your accomodation, the girl want to know where (to judge transport time and costs from your place).

Some girls will not go to an outside room.

Fee for her

The girl decides what fee she want and you pay the fee directly to her after services are rendered. If she asks for upfront payment you will most likely be dissapointed with the service.

The fee depends on the duration, location, time of day, her attractiveness and if she likes you (it pays off to be nice).

In most beer bars the fee for the girl for short time is 1500-3000 baht and 4-5000 baht for long time. For Agogos expect it to be 1000-2000 bath more. Surprisingly the price seem consistent within an establishment no matter if the girl is average looking or gorgeous.

Some girls will ask crazy prices or ask you to suggest a price (if so, always start low – she will always counter). You can also negotiate. But be nice. A “Oh thank you, but no thank you. This is too much for me” can be a good start to get her to lower her (high) price.

As with everything in Thailand: The price for her is always negotiatable. And always agree on the price with her before you commit to a bar fine or take her out of the establishment. Some guys that forgot this got a very expensive surprise (20.000 anyone?).

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